Shree Maulee Annex


The location of your ‘ Dream Home’ – ‘Shree Maulee Annexe’ has been found and set up with lots of innovative efforts. It is a complete package with healthy and pollution-free lifestyle specially created for Konkan lovers. It is surrounded by typical environment of Konkan with – clusters of houses built with red stones, bricks and timber; the evergreen and natural surroundings full of trees of cashew nut, mango, palm, coconut and betel nut will connect you with the culture of Kokan which can be visited by small gullies.

It is a peaceful and welcoming home located away from the crowded city. Our project is close to the silver sand beaches on the coastal highway at Arvali,10 km from Goa Border. One of the leading hospitality groups has begun constructing their Five Star Hotel, 5 kms away from this home.

Kokan has rich mythological heritage preserved in the form of ancient temples and of course the forts during the times of Maratha Empire take us way back into our memorable History. Lush green hills during monsoon and curled & coiled roads going around the hills, sometimes touching the coastal routes give you a breath-taking experience. This long coastal line is a boon to water sports, boating, fishing and water rafting in deep sea.


  • On Coastal Highway

    On Coastal Highway

    Shree Maulee Annex is on Coastal Highway which leads to Goa in next 7 to 10 minutes.

    Shree Vetoba Mandir - 1 Km

    Shree Vetoba Mandir – 1 Km

    Shree Vetoba Mandir – 1 Km

    Gramdev, Vetoba is Very worth visiting for its contemporary style of temple. Attractive Vetoba idol is Unique for its Color, texture & rituals.


    Aravali Beach – 2 Km

    Aravali Beach – 2 Km

    Beautiful silver sand beach, with its unpolluted sea water & shining sand.


    Shiroda Beach – 2km

    Shiroda Beach – 2 Km

    There are Five beautiful beaches nearby. Shiroda beach is just 2 Km by motorway & 1 Km by walking. Taj group has acquired 150 acres of land on this beach for their proposed Five Star hotel.


    Upcoming 5Star Hotel – 3 Km

    Upcoming 5Star Hotel – 3 Km

    ‘Siddade Goa’ group is constructing their five star hotel on the Aravali beach. 75% work is done. Shapurji group is constructing this property on hills, besides beach.


    Shree Maulee Mandir – 10 Km

    Shree Maulee Mandir – 10 Km

    700 years old goddess temple at Redi. She is the main goddess of 360 villages around the Redi. Temple is recently renovated on the same old structure, keeping its originality intact. This Project is named on this same goddess.


    Ganesh Mandir, Redi – 12 Km

    Ganesh Mandir, Redi – 12 Km

    Ancient Ganesh idol was found in Redi in year 1976. Mahabharata ages Ganesh murthi is very famous all over Maharashtra.


    Goa Border – 15 Km

    Goa Border – 12 Km

    Terekhol Fort & Terekhol River is just 12 Km from this project. Terekhol fort is in Goa. Ferry boats are available to cross Terekhol river. You reach to Keri beach by road just in 10 minutes.


    Airport, Chipi, Malwan – 40 Km

    Airport, Chipi, Malwan – 40 Km

    Chipi airport is on the way to Malvan. Airport work is already started.

  • Amenities: COMMON AREA- BASICS

    1. Water Purification Plant.
    2. Ultra water proofing to Terrace, Toilet. Bath and balcony flooring.
    3. Quality RCC Construction combined with high quality lateral stones.
    4. External Walls 9″ Thick and Internal Walls 6″ thick.
    5. Double Coat plaster with waterproofing from outside.
    6. Spacious Staircases.
    7. Security – Manual & CC TV.



    1. Landscaped garden with Children play area.
    2. Modem building looks, contemporary designed structure.
    3. Mini shopping Mall, Garden Restaurant, Indoor Outdoor game zones.
    4. Yoga-Fitness Centre.
    5. Video Games and Children Game Zone.


    Amenities: INTERNAL AREA


    1. Vitrified 2 ‘x2’ Tiles.
    2. Attached with specious Balcony.
    3. Intercom connections from Security area.


    1. Granite Kitchen Platform Stainless steel Sink.
    2. Marble Shelves under Kitchen Platform.
    3. Full height wall Tiles.
    4. Water Purifier Connection.



    1. Designer Bathroom Tiles.
    2. JUGUAR Plumbing Fittings.
    3. Designer series of Basins and Pots.
    4. Hot and Cold water arrangements.




    1. Concealed Wiring POLY CAB make wires.
    2. Telephone, TV cable Points in Living and Bedrooms with Inverter.
    3. ANCHOR ROMA Modular Switches.


    1. Wooden door Frame with Both Sides laminated wooden shutters.
    2. Designer Stainless steel Handle with latch n locks.
    3. Door stoppers and Keyholes.



    1. Full Height French Windows.
    2. Four Track Anodized aluminium Windows with heavy bearings.
    3. Granite Window Cills.
    4. Extra Mosquito Net window pan.



    1. Concealed Plumbing work with ASTRAL Make Pipes & fittings.
    2. JAGUAR Make Plumbing Fittings.
    3. PRINCE Make Pipe Fittings for external plumbing.


    1. Free parking space.


    1. Security Cabin and security person.
    2. Intercom Connection & CC TV.


  • Project-Maulee-TotalProject Total Project


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    Project-Maulee-1FloorFirst Floor Plan


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  • Projec_Maulee_status

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  • Project-Maulee-Location

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      Entrance Starecase Starecase Starecase Entrance


    View from Balcony View from Balcony Parking Area View from Living Room View from Balcony



    Attached bathroom in Master Bedroom


    Foot Lights in Bedroom

    View – Living Room
    View from Living Room


    Specious Children Bed



    Speciuos Living Room





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